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Life is big and our heads are small.

A small introduction for my readers: During the Smart Stuff that Matters unconference I had the privilege to meet Peter Rukavina and his son Oliver. I’ve been following them in the days prior, how they travelled across Europe and had all sorts of adventures. I had a quick chat with Oliver that day and enjoyed his presentation on the unconference. Tonight I read he celebrated his 18th birthday a few days ago.

So from this old man from Utrecht, happy birthday Oliver! May you enjoy your first steps in adulthood, whether that is by changing your Netflix profile (smart move) or exploring more of the world. I hope we can definitely meet again one day.

I was extremely moved by your remark, which Peter described in his blogpost.

Life is big and our heads are small.

I just love that observation. It is a big life, and there is still so much ahead of us. It reminded me of why I am so thrilled about technology, especially networked technology. It reminded me why I keep so many memories digitally, why I revisit old magazines, look back online on how it used to be. Maybe there is some false nostalgia there, but look at it from another perspective. We have small heads, there is so much happening. Computers, networks, the open web, it helps us remembering, learning, paying it forward. As a coincidence, just mere minutes after I read the blogpost, I stumbled across a Knowledge Wiki. Actually a bit like you have as well. I love these wiki’s, how they paint a picture of someone, of their lives, their passions and their journeys.

May your journey bring you to an even bigger life, and don’t forget to tell us what we missed.



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