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The post below is from september 20 2011. In a Pearl Jam Whatsapp group of oldtime PJ fans the new tour of the band sprung up a lot of old memories of previous tours, how people met and how they traveled. At one point, someone mentioned the Release Magazines from the mid-nineties. Since I have those magazines and once wrote about it, I decided to dig up the old post and share it again. Here it goes. I hope this post has more longevity then the previous one ;-)

Release Magazine

With the release of the Cameron Crowe documentary PJ20 I wanted to give something back to the community. As a big Pearl Jam fan myself, I find it a great experience to see fans from all parts of the world coming together online. Whether it’s through mailinglists, online forums, Facebook fanpages or Twitter, the Pearl Jam fan seems to be highly active in online media. I think that’s great. Because it is through sharing online what we know, feel, experience about the band, how we connect to each other and find similar grounds.

This is my present for the Pearl Jam community. In the early days of the band, there was an international fanzine called Release. Created and edited by a couple of Dutch guys, Ramon Giorgi, Arie-Jan Bakker and Frank de Heer. With the help of countless Pearl Jam fans around the world they created a jampacked fanzine every 6 months or so. You can still see their old website on I decided to scan the magazines and make them available again online. Below you can find the first three editions, from spring 1994, fall, 1994 and spring 1995. You can download them below. Editions 3 – 6 will be online when I find time to scan them!

I hope you enjoy these magazine. Please share them with your friends and fellow Pearl Jam fans. This is a part of the 20 year history of Pearl Jam we are celebrating.

Keep jamming!

Download Release #0 (spring/summer 1994) - PDF 66 Mb

Download Release #1 (Winter 1995) - PDF 64 Mb

Download Release #2 (Spring 1995) - PDF 64 Mb

Headerphoto: Víctor Sainz (Proud member of the International Bugs Family and The Strangest Tribe!)

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