Agencies, Get Your Act Together by Jan Boddez

This post is kind of secret, intended for RSS subscribers only. It’s a bit of a rant, too, mostly aimed at “non-coding WordPress developers.” Sorry!
I use WordPress, a lot. It helps me build accessible, good-looking sites really quickly.
In that sense, the different WordPress APIs (Meta Box, W…

a post by Ton Zijlstra

Google’s Chrome is not a browser, it’s advertisement delivery software. Adtech after all is where their profit is. This is incompatible with Doc Searls‘ Castle doctrine of browsers, so Chrome isn’t fit for purpose.
Removing Chrome
image by Matthew Oliphant, license CC BY ND Read Chrome to li…

Interesting Mastodon accounts to follow by sizeof(cat)sizeof(cat)

A small (and constantly updated) list of interesting Mastodon accounts.People
– in random order –EeveeJenn SchifferXah LeeAmanda RousseauNate CullDavid RevoyDrew DeVaultMark HughesBrion VibberAral BalkanCraig MaloneyValentin OuvrardrysiekTinkerCharles ChildersEugen RochkoTom HarrisThe GibsonTram…