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Teach to what the hand can hold

Love to what the heart is open to receiving

The first of these was perhaps the most impactful summary saying from my teachers during my 2017 #ytt200 yoga teacher training @YogaFlowSF. The second is my abstracting & re-applying beyond.

The first was spoken in the c…

Leer weer langzaam denken by an author

Afgelopen dinsdag tijdens Brave New World, stond Margriet Sitskoorn op het podium. Sitskoorn is hoogleraar klinische neuropsychologie en heeft onlangs een nieuw boek gelanceerd, Hersenhack: update je brein. Ze eindigde haar optreden met een boodschap aan iedereen:
leer weer langzaam te denken. Margr…

Painting with Pure CSS by Andy Baio

Last year, I fell in love with Diana Smith’s stunning CSS paintings: Francine, Vignes, and Zigario. (I loved them so much, I asked her to speak at XOXO’s Art+Code event last year.)
This stunning illustration by @cyanharlow is pure HTML/CSS. Every element was typed by hand, drawing with only a te…

The web is not dying

I’ve been seeing more tweets lately—particularly from Google Chrome developer Alex Russell—that the web is dying.
I disagree.
The web is a mess. Modern “best practices” are creating a slow, obnoxious experience for users. There a few big, influential companies who have a vested interest in subverting the web or creating a walled garden.
But that’s to say nothing of the platform itself.
The web platform, this beautiful thing that we build sites and apps on, is alive and thriving.