On the topic of scoring in NES Tetris, PAL vs. NTSC by an author

tl;dr: This is nerding out on Tetris scores, and quite frankly, I don’t think the conclusion holds. But there are nice tables along the way.
I’ve been watching Classic Tetris for a few months now, and as a result, I’m also playing it. I am noticeably better after I watched some pro’s scoring Tetris …

Instagram Hates The Internet

https://www.jwz.org/images/scaled/768/2019/ctyp_65699222328826997_fe5da4bde3.jpg Instagram’s most toxic contribution might be “Link in Bio”. In order to lock you in completely, they took the fundamental defining characteristic of The Web — the hyperlink — and destroyed it.
This dark pattern is the…

Taking a year to explain computer things

I’ve been working on explaining computer things I’m learning on this blog for 6 years. I wrote one of my first posts, what does a shell even do? on Sept 30, 2013. Since then, I’ve written 11 zines, 370,000 words on this blog, and given 20 or so talks. So it seems like I like explaining things …

The City and The Freezing of Life by an author

The drive to urbanization is an imperative of capitalism, this drive results in ‘a freezing of life’— a static world devoid of spontaneity, the result of land development and bureaucratic zoning laws optimized for rent seeking and increased land valuations, devoid of nature and where its residents have no ability to change their surroundings to suit their daily ways of living

The end of reputation (Seth’s Blog)

AI can now easily (8 seconds) change the identity of someone in a film or video. Multiple services can now scan a few hours of someone’s voice and then fake any sentence in that person’…

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Hi Friends!
I spent my last few evenings learning about http://indieweb.org, https://micro.blog/, and trying to revive my personal blog. Things are still a little rough around the edges, so bear with me as I slowly customize the theme, and make things nicer.
I’ll write some though…