I’m in hiding

Ineens kwam dit nummer voorbij vanmiddag. Het album Yield vind ik nog altijd één van hun beste albums en ik herinner me dat ik dit nummer bij de eerste luisterbeurt 10 – 11 x herhaalde. Zo krachtig, zo mooi. In Hiding. Live in The Gorge Amphitheatre in Georgia, 23 juli 2006.

The song was about taking a fast from life, doing anything to get yourself back in touch with something real. Abstinence from anything is cool, because the normalcy of life is deceptive: It’s enjoyable for a while, and there are good moments, but sometimes that’s not enough. You start questioning what’s the point. By not opening my mouth I was able to get into that state. Jack called me at the end of it; he couldn’t understand what I was saying. It took a minute to get my speech back.

Eddie Vedder, in a 1998 interview to Philadelphia Enquirer

In Hiding” is actually written about Bukowski. Sean Penn gave me a quote that Bukowski had said to him once, and it was written directly from that. He told Sean that sometimes he just has to check out for a few days—no people, no nothing. So he goes in hiding, then he gets back and has the will to live once again. Maybe because society takes you down. For all the good things we offer each other, sometimes we beat each other down.

Eddie Vedder in a 2009 interview to Seattle Sound Magazine


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