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That’s very interesting. I have been thinking recently about personal curation algorithms. The ‘purely chronological’ paradigm is overhyped I think, as a reaction to the big silos’ abuse of curation algorithms. If you control the algorithms, and have choice whether you use them or not, they?…

Thanks Neil, Inoreader is indeed making very good steps forward. Your idea of Personal Curation Algorithms is interesting and it would even be better if you could somehow “own” the algorithm and take it with you to other places. I just came out of a conference session on research in news-algorithms and how to overcome filter biases and increase diversity in recommended articles. If you can somehow inject your own personal algorithm in their own way of calculating what’s worth reading, the net effect would even be better.

I might be rambling, I hope you get my point. We do need some more transparant magic in algorithms 😉

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  1. It is a pernicious system of rent extraction, the domain registration system. I feel like after 16.5 years you should be entitled to true ownership, not subject to the whims of the entities that were privy to the original land grab.
    Our non-profit has an org domain name, so we’ll have to evaluate the options. As you say, we have to decide whether we can let it go, even if we wanted to, as someone else might pick it up and leech off our reputation.