Zo’n nieuwsbrief van Boris…

Zo’n nieuwsbrief van Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten (TNW founder en all-around coole gast) waar ik jaloers op ben, omdat het de blogpost is die ik zelf wou willen schrijven. Maar niet heb gedaan. Omdat ik vaak de juiste woorden mis of het toch te perfect wil hebben. De laatste paragrafen zijn spot on:

If someone says they have nothing to hide, ask them to unlock their phone and give it to you for ten minutes. If they hesitate they will have realized it’s nice to keep some things to yourself. Privacy is not just about hiding your dark secrets, it’s also about the way you talk to your loved ones, the sensitive stuff you discuss with the people you work with, and the amount of money you spend or make.

Privacy is like insurance; it’s there to protect you when disaster strikes. You can’t get insurance after your house breaks down, it will be too late. It’s not just about Google spying on you or Facebook tailoring ads, which does feel invasive. It goes deeper than that. Privacy is more like a seatbelt or airbag. It’s a basic human right, and you should be aware of it for yourself and for those who depend on it, which might include your future self.

Lees de volledige post. En Boris, ga alsjeblieft weer bloggen!

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