Hackers Are The Good People

4 September 2018 11:09

Van de man die onder andere het curl en libcurl commando heeft geschreven en het onderhoudt (waarmee bv Fortnite wordt gedownload op je computer…)

"Coding Is An Art

I consider coding an art. I really do. Good coders are cool people and coders who aren't good shouldn't be paid to code. Good coders are not as popular nor important today that I'd like them to be. Quality code is usually a forgotten issue in the huge corporate developing of today. All people are thought to do equally good. I wish people one day will realize that some people do better code, some do worse code. I'll become more appreciated that day.

You simply aren't a skilled programmer after a few years in college. You need time and time in front of a computer bent over a keyboard. You need hundreds of hard hours hacking. "

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