How do I POSSE to Mastodon now?

This is what I’m running into to try to make new Indieweb technology as simple to explain as possible. Ryan Barrett did some amazing work and made it possible to connect your own Mastodon account to your site. So you can get likes and replies from Mastodon in the comments of your own site. But you can also publish something on your site and have it published on Mastodon as well. This could be a note, an article or whatever. So you Publish on your Own Site and Syndicate Elsewhere (POSSE). But now the question is, what steps do I take in WordPress and on (Ryan’s platform) to make this possible? I am not quite sure what to do where. Can I just include a link ( to the webmention target at as explained in their manual? But how do I automate this? With the Syndication Links plugin? But what do I fill in where?

A step by step manual to publish would be very helpful. Maybe Neil Maher’s write up from a few months back on a similar matter could give some clues…

Update: It looks like the link to the webmention target on published this post (logfile). But it’s just the title and the link. How do I send a toot from my own site to Mastodon?

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  1. The way I tested it is as you described – by adding the link as a custom provider in Syndication Links.
    My own test post wasn’t great though – it included the link back to my site (even though I have it set not to in Syndication Links), and also included the text ‘Also on’.
    When I get chance I will test it further, and maybe write a blog post revisiting all the different IndieWeb to Mastodon options!