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Neil, thanks for your background explanation. I found out by trial and error that yes indeed, omit the title and make it a note, your full post (up to 500 characters) will be syndicated to Mastodon. I realized syndication != promotion. When I write an article, I don’t want to syndicate it on Mastodon ("here’s my toot, discuss") but rather promote it ("here’s my article, click and visit my site"). So besides POSSE and PESOS we might also need POPOS. Post on your Own site Promote on Other Silo’s 😉

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    • That plugin allows me to set a detailed format for what it will post to Mastodon. I’ve set it to excerpt, but it can do title, tags and much more. You check a box when to post to Mastodon, like I also do for Twitter (which I’ve also set to post excerpt if available)