Leo en Om stoppen met Facebook en Twitter

Leo Laporte, bekend van onder andere de bekende en populaire podcast This Week in Tech, schrijft op zijn blog

Yesterday I deactivated my Twitter account and kicked Tumblr to the curb. A couple of weeks ago I did the same with Instagram. A month or so before that I killed Facebook. […]
If you used to follow me on one of those sites you can follow me here, instead. Or on I’m also playing with Mastodon – so far it’s much more civilized.

Om Malik, een bekend investeerder en oprichter van GigaOm, een groot mediabedrijf, schrijft op zijn blog:

I took a Facebook vacation about a year ago. It became a long break. And now it is a permanent vacation. Why? Because I don’t need it and don’t miss it. I left, not because of the company’s dodgy approach to privacy, data accumulation or its continued denial of its impact on shaping modern society. I left because it was making me someone I am not — someone who lives life through the eyes of others.

Het valt me gewoon op…

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