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Google’s Chrome is not a browser, it’s advertisement delivery software. Adtech after all is where their profit is. This is incompatible with Doc Searls‘ Castle doctrine of browsers, so Chrome isn’t fit for purpose.
Removing Chrome
image by Matthew Oliphant, license CC BY ND Read Chrome to li…

Interesting Mastodon accounts to follow by sizeof(cat)sizeof(cat)

A small (and constantly updated) list of interesting Mastodon accounts.People
– in random order –EeveeJenn SchifferXah LeeAmanda RousseauNate CullDavid RevoyDrew DeVaultMark HughesBrion VibberAral BalkanCraig MaloneyValentin OuvrardrysiekTinkerCharles ChildersEugen RochkoTom HarrisThe GibsonTram…

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So You Want To Start An Unpopular Blog by an author

Very occasionally I get asked how to start blogging by people who would like to create exciting and engaging articles that will build a following by delighting an audience hungry for more. Perhaps they envision spreading their views far across the face of the web.
To which I always reply, “Have yo…

Voor wie blog je? Voor jezelf of voor je publiek? Of voor zoekmachines?