Frank Meeuwsen

Naam: Studio Oedipus No. 22
ABV: 6.5%
Brouwerij: Oedipus Brewing
Stijl: Sour – Other
Land: Netherlands
Wat ik er over zeg:Samen met Kirsten J. bij de brouwerij. Een kneiterzure special, maar wel lekker zo bij het herfstzonnetje.
Zoals ze zelf zeggen: The worlds of wine and beer collide in this North Amsterdam collaboration with our
neighbours Chateau. They gave us a few hundred kilos of Macabeu grapes left over from
their wine pressing which we macerated with wild yeasts in our white ale Offline. After a few
months we blended this wine/beer hybrid with Vogelen (our Berliner Weisse) and Offline
aged in Pinot Blanc barrels for nine and three months respectively. The extra time that
Vogelen spent refermenting created deep oaky tones that combine with the grapes, funky
yeast flavour and Offline’s softer, floral notes to produce a balanced fruity brew.

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Agencies, Get Your Act Together by Jan Boddez

This post is kind of secret, intended for RSS subscribers only. It’s a bit of a rant, too, mostly aimed at “non-coding WordPress developers.” Sorry!
I use WordPress, a lot. It helps me build accessible, good-looking sites really quickly.
In that sense, the different WordPress APIs (Meta Box, W…

The Privacy Project: Why you shouldn’t believe tech companies
 “technology executives view and market invasive new technology — from smart diapers to facial recognition — “as inevitable evolutions” but in reality, they’re anything but. “Evolution doesn’t have meetings about the market, the environment, the customer base,” she writes. “Evolution doesn’t patent things or do focus groups. Evolution doesn’t spend millions of dollars lobbying Congress to ensure that its plans go unfettered.

Technology is not inevitable.

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Unicyclic is een feedreader die je op een eigen server kunt installeren, waarmee je direct posts op je eigen site kunt plaatsen, blogs kunt volgen en liken of bookmarken en eventueel nog iets op Twitter kunt zetten. Het lijkt allemaal wel magie. Terwijl het onder de oppervlakte gewoon internetprotocollen zijn die met elkaar praten.
The Rise of Networked Vigilante Surveillance (Slate Magazine)

These new technologies prey upon familiar fears and hyper-charge them with the power of surveillance.

surveillance as a service with a for-profit motive.

Een zorgelijke ontwikkeling. Burgers die via een abonnementsmodel toegang krijgen tot surveillance camera’s en de bijbehorende software om kentekens te registreren. Wat kán er toch mis gaan…

Today is a special day. Not just for me, but for the blogosphere in general. It is through Dave Winer, amongst others, how I have found true joy and passion in this thing called blogging. Now, at this time, marks the 25 years anniversary when Dave started his blog I was just online back then, together with some friends we found this thing called De Digitale Stad and it was just a few months later I decided to buy my own computer and get online through Planet Internet. That’s when Dave was already writing everyday. On his own mothership.

It took me five years to find him, when I started my own blog. I think it was through Adam Curry how I found out about Dave. I found the software he wrote, like Radio Userland and Frontier. I tried it all but to be honest, I found it all very confusing at the time. But I kept following Dave. We met only once, at a dinner in Amsterdam back in 2001. Adam Curry had invited some people from the USA. Together with Marc Canter, Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan and a few Dutch folks, we had a nice evening in Amsterdam. This was just a few months before 9/11 and your blog blew up as a central hub for all the local news from New York when it was most needed. That showed me the power of blogging.

Dave’s blog is one constant in my online life. The last couple of years I lost track of blogs and RSS in favor of social media, but with my renewed interest in the web and how you should have your own turf instead of just leased land, is on my daily media-intake.

Dave, I want to thank you for all the inspiration you are in what you do and how you do it. Your Morning Coffee Notes inspired me to do my own Sunday Morning Tea Notes for a while. I admire your independent thinking and how you go against the grain to pursuit your own goals. I am in awe how you keep on truckin’ with new software, new apps, new ideas sometimes as a half repo in Github but who cares. I try out what you make, sometimes it works, sometimes it don’t. But that’s cool.You are still the OG Blogfather!

Blog on, still diggin’!

a post by Ton Zijlstra

Google’s Chrome is not a browser, it’s advertisement delivery software. Adtech after all is where their profit is. This is incompatible with Doc Searls‘ Castle doctrine of browsers, so Chrome isn’t fit for purpose.
Removing Chrome
image by Matthew Oliphant, license CC BY ND Read Chrome to li…