31 oktober 2019

Bookmark: Opinion: Ban Facial Recognition Before It’s Too Late

Opinion: Ban Facial Recognition Before It’s Too Late (BuzzFeed News)

We are on the verge of a nightmare era of mass surveillance by the state and private companies. It’s not too late to stop it.

Company after company in Silicon Valley has been pushing furiously ahead with the development of face-scanning surveillance tools. They see money to be made selling this tech to governments, airlines, and other private businesses. Facing growing concern from the public and lawmakers, the industry has disingenuously asked for “regulation.” This is straight out of Big Tech’s lobbying playbook — asking Congress to pass laws and then swooping in to help write them. By doing so, they hope to avoid the real debate: whether facial recognition surveillance should be allowed at all.

Bookmark: I’m Officially Part of the IndieWeb

I’m Officially Part of the IndieWeb (jhsheridan.com)

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are not the entire internet. Take control of your online identity, and build your own website.

Er zijn zoveel redenen om je moederschip te hebben en te onderhouden.

This is the Internet we have now. It’s different than I imagined it would be. It’s not a place where everyone looks different. It’s a place where everyone looks the same. It’s a place where a few corporations have trapped you and nearly everyone you know.

30 oktober 2019
29 oktober 2019

Happy 50th Birthday Internet!

Vandaag is het 50 jaar geleden dat het eerste bericht tussen twee computers werd verstuurd, over een afstand van zo’n 500 kilometer. Dit zou het begin zijn van het internet. Het verstuurde bericht was eerlijk gezegd weinig verheffend. Na de eerste twee letter L-O liep het systeem vast. Waarmee direct de eerste internet crash een…

26 oktober 2019

Bookmark: Why you should worry if you have a Chinese smartphone | Technology | The Guardian

Why you should worry if you have a Chinese smartphone | Technology | The Guardian
Er is zoveel gaande over Chinese technologie. Ik vind het lastig. Aan de ene kant is het gemak en de prijs een verleidelijke reden om te kiezen voor de hardware. Maar je weet dat er iets met je data gebeurt. In bovenstaand artikel staat uitgelegd hoe technologie in China wordt gebruikt.

There are QR codes on people’s doors for when the party goes in to check on who is in. Some researchers have found that if someone leaves through the back door instead of the front door, that can be considered suspicious behaviour.

Bookmark: Hello. My name is Bix. – Nick Pickles, director of Twitter’s public …

a post

Nick Pickles, director of Twitter’s public policy strategy, says that today’s speech by Mark Zuckerberg “will rightly be recognised as a landmark point in the debate”, which I suppose is true if we are building landmarks noting the obfuscation of that debate.
PIckles is concerned with “how…

"Zuckerberg’s conservative leadership team has made its design choice: disinformation is fine, because it serves their political interests."

Ik heb de volledige speech en ondervraging van Zuckerberg not niet gezien. Ik ben heel benieuwd welke lange termijn gevolgen het kruisverhoor gaat hebben in komende jaren en met de presidentsverkiezingen in aantocht.

Bookmark: You can heal the internet

You can heal the internet (Signal v. Noise)

The internet is hurting. It’s been colonized and exploited by a small cabal of tech companies. It’s taken most of us a while catch up to the gravity of the situation, but grave it is. Yet we all si…

"You don’t have to go cold turkey on everything Big Tech. That’s almost impossible at the moment. Such is the stronghold. But every little bit helps."

Ware woorden. Start bijvoorbeeld met een andere zoekmachine. DuckDuckGo of Startpage. Als ervaringsdeskundige van plm 2 jaar durf ik wel te zeggen dat de verschillen in zoekresultaten met Google verwaarloosbaar zijn.

Squandered Star Wars Characters (daverupert.com)

[…] while this exciting, I’m finding myself disappointed the characters are as disposable as characters in a George R.R. Martin novel.

The last couple of weeks I rewatched the Star Wars movies to get ready for The Rise of Skywalker. It was nice to see some old scenes again, re-read some of the backstories and catch the occassional goof every now and again. I somewhat agree with Dave about the sometimes shallow and empty characters. As he says “[it] feels like the Universe is built up and the torn down over and over again”. This is true and to me it doesn’t feel that much of a problem. Just as in real life we lose some of our favorite characters but we get new ones in return. We try to reminisce the “good old days” but at the same time we should not forget to be in the here and now.
Maybe The Force Awakens, Last Jedi and Rise are not meant for the generation that grew up with Luke, Leia and Yoda.
As Dave concludes, it’s time to “let go and let saving the Galaxy be the next generation’s problem”.
I watched The Last Jedi last night. I didn’t find it the best one in the serie but entertaining nonetheless. While watching the new cantina-scene on Canto Bight I thought to myself this would open up the Star Wars universe again for new characters, new build ups, new series, books, games and themeparks. But most of all, new stories. The end scene with broom boy showing his Rebel Alliance ring, it is the start of new stories in the franchise, for a new generation. And that’s fine. As a Star Wars fan I am content with the fact I will not see the complete universe and all the stories. I hope my son and his family will and pass the stories on. Hope is not lost, the fire is once again sparked. 😉
25 oktober 2019

You should make a blog!

You should make a blog! (Drew DeVault’s Blog)
Dit is een tof initiatief!

This is an open offer to pay anyone $20 for starting a tech blog and writing their first article. If you write another 3 articles within 6 months, I’ll give you another $20.

Ik heb er zelf nu even niet het budget voor maar ik kan me voorstellen dat een geldelijke beloning (of donatie aan een goed doel) een mooie aansporing kan zijn om een blog te beginnen. Koppel het aan een email systeem om periodiek mensen te herinneren om weer te bloggen of om ideeën te bespreken en je kunt zo het ecosysteem van blogs op het open web mooi uitbouwen!